Eagle Butte School

Eagle Butte School

School VISION:  Keeping our Wakanyaja (children) sacred through positive thinking.

Positive Action Survey

The positive Action Survey is a pre-survey for our new Social and Emotional Learning Grant. All students grades 2-6 will take the survey in the fall and then again in the spring. The grant is designed to increase pro-social behaviors in students, reduce the number (and percentage) of students with attendance less than 85%, and decrease the number of behaviors which result in ISS and OSS consequences. The survey will give us data toward those ends. Thank you students for participating.

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Oct. 1st

Boys State Golf (Dell Rapids)
10:00 AM CST

Oct. 2nd

HS Volleyball Home Vs Little Wound (Upper Elementary)
4:00 PM

JH Volleyball Vs McLaughlin (McLaughlin)
5:00 PM

Oct. 3rd

SD Annual Plan Day (High School Gym)
11:00 AM

Oct. 4th

Cross Country Girls & Boys Parents Day (Home)
2:00 PM

HS Volleyball Vs Mcintosh (Mcintosh)
4:30 PM

JH Football Vs McLaughlin (Home)
5:30 PM

Oct. 5th

UE Handgames to Rapid City

HS Football Vs Vermillion (Vermillion)
6:00 PM

Oct. 6th

Cross Country Girls & Boys (Phillip)
10:00 AM

JH Volleyball Tournament (Mobridge)

HS Volleyball Triangular (Ft. Pierre)
12:00 PM

Oct. 8th

Native American Day - No School

Oct. 9th

HS Volleyball Vs Potter County (Home)
4:30 PM

JH Volleyball Vs Pierre Indian Learning Center (Pierre)
4:00 PM

Oct. 10th

Picture Day

Oct. 11th

Picture Day

HS - Construction Camp (Rapid City)
5:30 PM

Cross Country Boys and Girls Region Meet (Chamberlain)
2:00 PM CST

JH Football Vs Dupree (Dupree)
4:30 PM

HS Volleyball Parents Night Vs Faith (Home)
5:00 PM

Oct. 12th

Primary Parent Activity

HS Football Vs Crow Creek (Stephan)
7:00 PM

Oct. 15th

JH Volleyball Vs Mobridge (Home)
4:30 PM

JH Football Vs Faith (Faith)
5:00 PM

HS Volleyball Vs Dupree (Home)
5:00 PM

Oct 16th

HS Volleyball Triangular (Home)
4:00 PM

Oct. 17th

3rd grade - Salmon (Whitlock Bay)

JH Bullying Prevention (High School Auditorium)
12:00 PM

Fall Parent Forum
5:30 PM

Oct 18th

HS Volleyball Vs Tiospaye Topa (Home)
5:00 PM

HS Football Vs Standing Rock (Home)

Oct. 19th

Parent/Teachers Conference - No School

Oct. 20th

HS Cross Country State Meet (Sioux Falls)
10:00 AM

Oct. 23rd

HS Volleyball Vs Lemmon (Lemmon)
4:30 PM

Oct. 25th

HS Law and Public Safety Camp (Rapid City)
6:00 AM

JH Incentive (High School Auditorium)
1:00 PM

Oct. 24th

Teacher Inservice - No School


All times are MST unless noted

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